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Letter to Donald Tusk

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On 24th July the delegation from Action for Europe - campaigners Richard Bird and Professor Joshua Silver and barrister David Wolchover, delivered by hand at the EU Representation in the UK in London letters for forwarding to President Donald Tusk, Michel Barnier and Guy Verhofstadt. The letters advise the EU that the purported Notification embodied in the letter of 29th March 2017 from Prime Minister Theresa May to President Donald Tusk is invalid and has no legal standing. The referendum of June 2016 was not a legal constitutional decision; there has been no Act of Parliament confirming a decision to leave the European Union even though this was required by the Supreme Court in its judgment on the Miller case in January 2017 . The conditions of Article 50(1) have not been complied with. Accordingly as advised by legal experts the terms of Article 50(2) cannot take effect and any purported notification is meaningless.

The letters were signed by over 4500 signatories including Professor A C Grayling, over 300 other academics, three senior ex-military, Peter French, organizer of the forthcoming Manchester march, Gemma Knowles, on behalf of 61,000 members of the 48%, Roger Casale, leader of New Europeans, and thousands of other concerned citizens.

The delegation was joined by Magdalena Wiliams and Peter French. (Prof A C Grayling was planned to join but sent his apologies due to pressure of work.) The group then strolled up to Whitehall to enjoy a special Command Performance by the No 10 Vigil team. Drew Galdron (FauxBjojo) entertained all and the many passers-by. It was a great day!


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Response (August 17)

We have received the following reply.
Regrettably it is the 'standard letter' to any questions on the Article 50 validity issue. The EU stance seems to be that it is up to any member state to decide what is constitutional under its own laws.  

The next step will have to be a legal challenge in the UK.  We are discussing this with legal experts and appreciate that there is some urgency in order to file a challenge before the Repeal Bill is debated in Parliament.

Reply from Donald Tusk's office

Response (23 August)

Direct response from Mr Barnier

Legal Action launched (22nd December)

After many months of hard work and legal advice, the legal challenge was filed on 22nd December 2017.

Article 50 Challenge

Letter to Philip Hammond

Campaigned Letter sent

On 5 August we delivered our letter to Philip Hammond. We urged him as the senior and best informed Cabinet Minister to press for an urgent reconsideration of the question of how to deal with the UK’s relationship with Europe. To to save Britain and Stop Brexit.

We are currently awaiting a reply.


Letter to Philip Hammond  List of Signatories

Crime Complaints

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Police Complaints alleging Misconduct in Public Office by Theresa May, David Davis and others have been filed with the Metropolitan Police and are being investigate.


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Further action

To support criminal charges against May and others in a mass letter to Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick - Sign This