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This letter will be delivered to President Donald Tusk with copies to EU Officials by 15th July 2017. It is endorsed and will be signed by Professor A. C. Grayling and many other prominent supporters of Action for Europe.

Dear President Tusk

"This mess has gone far enough" - Professor A. C. Grayling 26 June 2017.

We, being representatives of the 63% majority of the British electorate who did not vote for nor wish for "Brexit", deprived of genuine democratic rights and representation by the present administration of Theresa May, and threatened with loss of many rights against our will, hereby remind and advise the European Council and the EU that the purported Notification embodied in the letter of 29th March 2017 from Prime Minister Theresa May to President Donald Tusk is INVALID and has no legal standing.

The referendum of June 2016 was not a legal constitutional decision. There has been no Act of Parliament confirming a decision to leave the European Union even though this was required by the Supreme Court in its judgment on the Miller case in January 2017.  The conditions of Article 50(1) have not been complied with. Accordingly as advised by legal experts the terms of Article 50(2) cannot take effect and any purported notification is meaningless.

The European Union is advised to consider its legal position and to request clarification of the  precise legal position of the purported Notification from the present UK administration before proceeding to expend resources on negotiations which have no legal basis.

We further declare as representatives of the 63% majority of the British electorate who did not vote for nor wish for "Brexit", and threatened with loss of rights including the fundamental right to freedom of movement, that we deem any negotiations which seek to remove such rights from UK citizens without our specific consent to be undemocratic and unlawful, and that the purported Notification is invalid on those additional grounds.  We do not recognise it as lawful or valid, and we urge you to reject it forthwith.


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